The story of Kyro Richards


I have been connected to the spirit world since the age of 11 years old. When I first started noticing things before

they actually happened, it came across as very frighting. But, as I grew into it I accepted that it will be a part of my life forever.


This was very hard for me to accept as I know many people out there are against it, but, if a gift has been given to you by God it is merely impossible to keep it quiet.


Many people have tested me and were amazed at how I knew all the things I knew, even when I have not even

seen the person yet. It was really hard to place myself and know who I really am.


I mean, I don’t make use of Tarot Cards, Crystal Balls or any objects to connect to the spirit world. After many years of battling with this and after doing self searching, I decided to call myself a Psychic Medium.


Many people were against this, family included, but accepted the fact that the name behind my abilities, does not change who I am as a person.


I have seen many people, and to this day I still do, and the thing that makes me proud is to see the healing and

peace on the faces of these people that have come to me. Knowing that there is always hope when everything

seems faded.


For me, someone that is able to see and communicate with spirit, it can sometimes be hard. For example, going

out to a mall and wanting to walk around, with the amount of people walking around, each person has someone that has passed and wants to give their loved one a message and I am the vessel that is used to pass this message



Imagine a mall full of people and each ones loved one comes through to me to give them a message. So through training myself to control this, I am able to channel people better and provide the messages that they need at that moment.

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Kyro Richards


Never stop dreaming! You will find what you are dreaming to become reality just when you think things will fall apart.

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About Marlize Reynolds

  • I have been able to connect through spirit by feeling and hearing, not seeing. And through this I am able to give messages of motivation and Inspiration, thus calling myself a Transformational Psychic Empath.
  • Through things that have happened in my life, from a young age, I hope to use this as a message to other people that have also gone through things in life, so that they can know that they are not alone and have the right to speak up and share their story as well.
  • By doing this, if I can change just one persons life, touch one persons heart, then that is what matters and what I am striving for. It only takes one person to make an impact on your life and that is what I want to do and will do.
  • Through reading drawings, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I can tell you about yourself and your parents. I can connect with spirit and know what motivational message or inspirational message needs to be given at that very moment for that specific person. And by doing this, help people better themselves and build themselves up again. Everyone has gone through some type of pain, disappointment, hurt and more in their lives and I want to help people move passed this, so they can stop dwelling in the past and focus on their future, to look forward and stop looking back.
  • My goal in life, is to change peoples lives, to uplift them and motivate them to be a better version of themselves, not only for them but for the friends and family around them. If you can change at least one persons life, what more could you want than that?.