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Connecting to the spirit world, bringing messages of healing from the other side. Connecting to your loved ones


Through guidance from the spirit world and leading of the Holy Spirit, predicting your past, present and future.


Connecting directly to your body through high vibrations administering healing energy, for any physical sickness .

Crossing Over

Connecting to the spirit world, bringing messages of healing from the other side. Connecting to your loved once


Removing negative energy that has connected it self to you due to spells being placed on you as a person or self attract energy

Paranormal Cleansing

Removing of Demonic and/or over active spirits in your house with the ability to harm you as a person or scare you.









Marlize Reynolds

Empath Reading

Connecting through feeling, hearing, smelling, I connect to spirit to guide you in love, life, relationships and more.

Motivational Speaker

Your problems might seem to much to bare, allow me to sit with you and work through it so you cant find the will to conquer it.

Past, Present and Future

Connecting to Spirit to help you heal from your past, work on your present and better your future. Guided by Spirit to give you the answers you need and not the answers you want.


Most Popular Services

Whats App Reading

Whats App readings, is the quickest way to get insight on your Past,Present and Future, for only R450.00 per 1/2 hour this making it the top ranked service with KM.

WhatsApp Special

When you need clarity or guidance on just one question, this is a great option to choose for R250.00 15 minutes. Done as WhatsApp Chat by Marlize.

Video Call Reading

Up to 1 hour Video Call reading done by Kyro Richards, you will be amazed by how much he knows, by only seeing you and hearing you. From past to crossing over all in one.

Video Call Reading

Many clients are not based in South Africa and prefer to have a Face to Face experience, connecting through Video Call for up to 30min. Kyro can connect to anyone worldwide.

Do you want to connect to a loved one now in the Spirit World?

Kyro Richards Psychic Medium

Whats App Price – R1000/hour

Offer Price – R450/30min

Free – Now also offering free readings

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